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06 May, 2023 • 15:00 (UTC -3)



New world

Play any class you like: every character has their own renewable buffs! Even healers have powerful attack skills and can level up on par with others.


Level up easily with XP boosters and the Magic Lamp bonus. Also, a special auto-hunting system is available. If you turn it on, your character will kill monsters, pick up loot and use HP potions autonomously.


Show your skills in the dimensional 3 vs 3 Olympiad or fight for rare materials in special instance zones against the most ambitious players from other servers!


Try something new! Only in Essence unique Sylph Gunner and Vanguard classes are available.


Experience Crusader — our latest update. Visit Valakas Temple and new dimensional zones, fight new bosses and discover your new powerful skills!



Behold, orc riders have arrived at last! A new Vanguard class is the definition of might and power.
Only the bravest of the orc tribe can tame wild wolves and lions. A rider and his beast work together. Burst into battle
and use your animal partner fiercely: scratch with claws, scare with the monstrous roar and become the nightmare of your enemies.


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Class features:
 • Wields a spear and claws of the wild beast
 • Wears heavy armor, can’t use a shield
 • Special appearance. With the «Change armor» ability you can swap original
   armor looks.

Rebalanced classes
and freedom of choice

Summoners, archers and mages became even more dangerous!
Each gained new devastating skills. Summon minions, poison your arrows and command elements.

Summoner: requesting backup?

New powerful minions will plunge any enemy with destructive attacks and spectacular appearance.
 • Cat Emperor for humans
 • Unicorn Guard for elves
 • Lord Raise for dark elves

Archer: more arrows, more debuffs!

Every shot can be fatal with these special skills.
 • Poison Arrows for humans
 • Rain of Arrows for elves
 • Weakening Arrows for dark elves
 • Stopping Arrows for Kamael

Mage: control and damage just for you!

Conquer elements and minds to become invincible.
 • Magic Shield for you and your servants, strong sleep for
   all mages
 • Fire and Dark Funnels for humans
 • Ice Funnel for elves
 • Air Funnel for dark elves

Don’t limit yourself with only one specialization.

Earlier, you rarely got the chance to change your class. Now this service is available three times a month. Play whoever you want, even if you picked wrong before. Just buy a special Changing Class Coupon in L-Coin Store for 50.000.000 aden.

New areas for adventurers

New dungeons

New boss

New location

New dungeons: for rewards and EXP

Training Dungeon allows you to make custom battles. Lizards, orks, undead — defeat the enemies and gain your prize. Also, come with friends to the Mysterious Priestess in Aden. Once a week she opens the way to the Dungeon of Dreaming with two dangerous bosses. If you are lucky enough, you will come across a secret level — Cat Guild Lair. Be careful, these kittens leave deadly scratches!

New boss: Lord Balok

This evil demon wields the Sword of Velacius. There is a rumor that Balok is as strong as his opponent. Check the legend yourself in a dimensional raid. Teleport from Gludio Village straight to the battleground and fight the boss and the horde of his minions. Raids start every evening at 20:30 from Monday to Saturday. At the end of the event, there will be a reward depending on your contribution to the battle.

New location: Goddard Territories

Goddarth, the north region of Elmoraden, hides terrifying beasts. 85 level adventurers can explore new lands: Hot Springs, Gorde Canyon, Morgos Military Base and Xilenos Fortress. It is dangerous to travel alone — take your friends along. A group of heroes will gain bonus experience.

Choose your Starter Pack!

Bronze Pack
+10 Arcana Mace (1)
+3 Ring of Baium (1)
Adena (1000)
Ends at -
30 coins
Silver Pack
+10 Arcana Mace (1)
+3 Ring of Baium (1)
Adena (1000000)
Ends at -
40 coins
Gold Pack
+10 Arcana Mace (1)
+3 Ring of Baium (1)
Adena (1000000000)
Adena (1000000000)
Adena (1000000000)
Adena (1000000000)
Adena (1000000000)
Adena (1000000000)
Adena (1000000000)
Ends at -
50 coins
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